World Town Planning Day 2022: History, Significance and Theme

World Town Planning Day which is also known as World Urbanism Day is annually celebrated on 8th November. This day celebrates and recognizes the importance of planning in urban development. 

World Town Planning Day is celebrated in 30 countries on four continents. It is a special day to recognize and promote the role of planners and planning in creating healthy, prosperous communities around the world. 

Town planning is one of the most important parts of creating our organized, livable communities, and this act gained full recognition when this day was founded in 1949 by late professor Carlos Maria della Paolera. 

Event World Town Planning Day
Date November 8, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance The day recognizes the importance of planning in urban development.
Observed by World wide


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World Town Planning Day History: 

There is evidence of urban planning and designed communities dating back to the Mesopotamian, Indus Valley, Minoan, and Egyptian civilizations in the third millennium BCE. Archaeologists studying the ruins of cities in these areas find paved streets that were laid out at right angles in a grid pattern. The idea of a planned out urban area evolved as different civilizations adopted it. Beginning in the 8th century BCE, Greek city states were primarily centred on orthogonal (or grid-like) plans. Hippodamus of Miletus (498–408 BC), the ancient Greek architect and urban planner, is considered to be “the father of European urban planning”. 

From the 15th century on, much more is recorded of urban design and the people that were involved. In this period, theoretical treatises on architecture and urban planning start to appear in which theoretical questions around planning the main lines, ensuring plans meet the needs of the given population and so forth are addressed and designs of towns and cities are described and depicted. Planning and architecture went through a paradigm shift at the turn of the 20th century. The industrialized cities of the 19th century grew at a tremendous rate. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, urban planning began to be recognized as a separate profession. The Town and Country Planning Association was founded in 1899 and the first academic course in Great Britain on urban planning was offered by the University of Liverpool in 1909. In the 1920s, the ideas of modernism and uniformity began to surface in urban planning, and lasted until the 1970s. In the second half of the 20th century, urban planners gradually shifted their focus to individualism and diversity in urban centers.  

The international organisation for World Urbanism Day, also known as “World Town Planning Day”, was founded in 1949 by the late Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires, a graduate at the Institut d’urbanisme in Paris, to advance public and professional interest in planning. It is now celebrated in more than 30 countries on four continents each November 8th. This day today aims to look at urban planning from a global approach and  promote its role in creating livable communities all across our world for a better future. 


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World Town Planning Day Significance: 

Urban planning, also known as town planning, is a technical and political process that is focused on the development and design of land use and the built environment, including air, water, and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas, such as transportation, communications, and distribution networks and their accessibility. Traditionally, urban planning followed a top-down approach in master planning the physical layout of human settlements. Over time, urban planning has adopted a focus on the social and environmental bottom-lines that focus on planning as a tool to improve the health and well-being of people while maintaining sustainability standards. 

Urban planning is an interdisciplinary field that includes civil engineering, architecture, human geography, politics, social science and design sciences. Practitioners of urban planning are concerned with research and analysis, strategic thinking, Engineering architecture, urban design, public consultation, policy recommendations, implementation and management. Another important aspect of urban planning is that the range of urban planning projects include the large-scale master planning of empty sites or Greenfield projects as well as small-scale interventions and refurbishments of existing structures, buildings and public spaces. 

World Town Planning Day highlights the importance of adequate urban planning, not just for communities but the world at large. As the population increases every day, it is essential to put proper planning methods in place to make room for adequate expansion in the future. As this day raises awareness of the need for urban planning because of it the general public also get a deeper understanding of why it is so important in the first place. This broadens the knowledge of civilians, and also relevant bodies to understand this very important issue. 

World Town Planning Day presents an excellent opportunity to look at planning ideals from a global perspective first it promotes collaboration between professional planners, the public, and local decision-makers all across the world for better urban development. Next it aims to develop ethical principles in the practice of planning. Lastly it approaches to prioritize equity in community planning and development. These are main goals behind the celebrations of this very very important day to be achieved.  


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World Town Planning Day Theme: 

The American Planning Association invites planners, urban designers & placemakers to register for the APA World Town Planning Day 2022 virtual online conference, hosted by the APA’s International Division. 

The theme of World Town Planning Day 2022 is “Think Global, Plan Local”. And will take a look at the role of the Planning Profession as central to the implementation at the local level of the New Urban Agenda and UN-Habitat Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The theme specifies that global cooperation is very much needed for today’s urban planning for it to remain sustainable. It urges individuals and organizations to take ideas for urban planning from the global stage through cooperation and then execute these ideas at their local stages first to benefit the local communities. 

Most Searched FAQs on World Town Planning Day: 

1. When is World Town Planning Day celebrated? 

World Town Planning Day is annually celebrated on 8th November. 

2. Is urban planning a good career? 

When it comes to job roles, urban planning graduates have a great deal of choice. There are opportunities in housing, transport planning, conservation, and of course, urban design. These jobs can be found in local authorities, such as councils, national governments, or in the private sector. 

3. What is the theme of World Town Planning Day 2022? 

The theme of World Town Planning Day 2022 is “Think Global, Plan Local”. 

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