World Television Day 2022: History, Significance, Activities and Theme

World Television Day is annually celebrated on 21st November worldwide. This day recognizes the important that television have played in shaping the technology of our world since its introduction and it still continues to play that role. 

The event is now a United Nations recognized event as the UN recognized television as having an increased impact on decision making as well as being an ambassador for the entertainment industry.

Television is a symbol of communication and globalization that educates, informs, entertains and influences our decisions and opinions. Since its introduction television have played a very important in shaping our societies and still continues to do so today and hence it must be appreciated.  

Event World Television Day
Date November 21, 2022
Day Monday
Significance The day recognizes and celebrates the importance of television and its history.
Observed by World wide


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World Television Day History: 

Electronic television was first successfully demonstrated in San Francisco on September 7th, 1927. The system was designed by Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a 21-year-old inventor who had lived in a house without electricity until he was 14. While still in high school, Farnsworth had begun to conceive of a system that could capture moving images in a form that could be coded onto radio waves and then transformed back into a picture on a screen. Boris Rosing in Russia had conducted some crude experiments in transmitting images 16 years before Farnsworth’s first success. However, Farnsworth’s invention, which scanned images with a beam of electrons, is the direct ancestor of modern television. 

RCA, the company that dominated the radio business in the United States with its two NBC networks, invested $50 million in the development of electronic television. To direct the effort, the company’s president, David Sarnoff, hired the Russian-born scientist Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, who had participated in Rosing’s experiments. In 1939, RCA televised the opening of the New York World’s Fair, including a speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was the first president to appear on television. Later that year RCA paid for a license to use Farnsworth’s television patents. RCA began selling television sets with 5 by 12 in (12.7 by 25.4 cm) picture tubes. 

By 1949 Americans who lived within range of the growing number of television stations in the country could watch, for example, The Texaco Star Theater (1948), starring Milton Berle, or the children’s program, Howdy Doody (1947). Between 1953 and 1955, television programming began to take some steps away from radio formats. NBC television president Sylvester Weaver devised the “spectacular,” a notable example of which was Peter Pan (1955), starring Mary Martin, which attracted 60 million viewers. Later many innovations shaped the way in which we see television today like the color TVs were introduced and now in the 21st century television has become a norm in most of the world. 

On November 21 and 22 in 1996, the United Nations held the first World Television Forum. Here, leading media figures met to discuss the growing significance of television in the rapidly changing world and consider how they might enhance their mutual cooperation. UN leaders recognized that television could bring attention to conflicts, raise awareness of threats to peace and security, and sharpen focus on social and economic issues. Because of this event, the UN General Assembly decided to name November 21st as the World Television Day, not to celebrate the object itself, but the symbol for communication and globalization in the contemporary world that it represents. 


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World Television Day Significance: 

World Television Day highlights the value of televisions as a medium that is more than just an electronic gadget. World Television Day celebrates the fact that TV has become one of the most prominent means of entertainment. This day is the perfect time to reflect on the importance of televisions as mediums of entertainment and connecting us to the world. Of course, the usage of television has evolved ever since the internet was founded, but the relevance of television still exists. World Television Day is a day to remember the history of television and commemorate the day of the first World Television Forum. 

Television is a media of mass communication and learning, and it is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. It is one of the most popular devices that are used for entertainment all over the world. It has become quite common nowadays and almost every household has one television set at their place. It is a great improvement over the radio. Radio pleases the only sense of hearing but television pleases our senses of sight and hearing at the same time. It is a mass medium for entertainment, education, news, politics, gossip, and advertising. Television is one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century. 

At one time, television meant the box sitting in the living room that received radio waves and transmitted images. Those days are gone. Television is now any system which transmits sound and images and is displayed on a screen. It can still be the big screen in the den, but it also refers to your desktop, laptop or phone. As long as they’re accessing programs, they’re fair game! With its many innovations, T.V. is a source of entertainment and information we access daily. So television is still very relevant today and it continues to be the largest source of video consumption in our world and that’s why it needs to be appreciated and celebrated. 

However, World Television Day is not meant to be so much a celebration of the electronic tool itself, but rather of the philosophy which it represents–a philosophy of openness and transparency of world issues. Television has long been thought to represent communication and globalization in the contemporary world. It was because if television only that people were able to visually see the events happening all around the world and that’s why this day is not just about TV usage for entertainment or information but also about an important legacy which it created and completely changed our world.  


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World Television Day Activities: 

World Television Day is a time to rewatch and relive some of the greatest moments of television that helped bring the reality of a rapidly technologically advancing world into people’s homes, forever changing their lives and how they perceived the world. So it is the time for you to head over to social media and write about your favorite television moment in history, it doesn’t whether it happened just yesterday or it happened many years ago, so do share it!  

Do you forego a good TV binge because you think you should be getting stuff done? This day was made for you! Put on some cozy sweats, make yourself some popcorn and indulge in episode after episode of your favorite show. So take full advantage of this opportunity and have a pleasure binge watching your favorite shows or movies on television for this whole day! Take this opportunity and enjoy some good old TV. 


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You can also use this opportunity to have a TV themed night just invite your family or friends for TV dinners while watching your favorite program. Complete the evening with a family game like Scene It, or with a a television themed game like Loony Tunes, Monopoly, or Yu-Gi-Oh! So do try it in honor of our dear television, in this way you will also have a very fun and entertaining experience also. 

World Television Day Theme: 

Although World Television Day is celebrated on a global level, there is no official theme set for the day. World Television Day general theme revolves around appreciating the invention and legacy of the TV and remembering the day of the first World Television Forum. This day is about watching your favourite TV shows with your family and friends and just enjoying. 

Most Searched FAQs on World Television Day: 

1. When is World Television Day celebrated? 

World Television Day is annually celebrated on 21st November. 

2. Why do we celebrate World Television Day? 

The United Nations recognizes television plays a major role in presenting different issues that affect people, so we celebrate how television is a symbol for communication and global education. 

3. Who invented television? 

The first electronic television was invented by 21 year old inventor Philo Taylor Farnsworth.

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