World Pneumonia Day 2022: Wishes, Messages and Quotes

World Pneumonia Day is annually observed on 12th November. This day aims to raise awareness on pneumonia by educating people about the effects and ways of prevention for it. 

Pneumonia is a very serious disease which our world is facing. The mission this year the aim is to make oxygen cylinders and medicines available to the people at affordable prices which has become a challenge due to the pandemic. The goal is reduce the number of deaths to 3 deaths per 1000 live births by the year 2030. 

Here we are gonna tell you about the best wishes, messages and quotes to share on this occasion as a way to raise awareness and educated people about this very important day and pneumonia in general. 

Event World Pneumonia Day
Date November 12, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day honors and celebrates the Fountain Pen
Observed by World wide


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World Pneumonia Day 2022 Wishes and Messages: 

1. On the occasion of World Pneumonia Day, just wanted to remind you to keep your lungs healthy and safe from infection. Wishing everyone a very Happy World Pneumonia Day!  

2. Pneumonia is a disease which is responsible for thousands of deaths every year. The most effective way to deal with it is prevention and for that awareness is very important so let us spread it on this World Pneumonia Day! 

3. By creating more awareness about pneumonia, we can save many lives all across our world and bring smiles to many more faces. Wishing a very Happy World Pneumonia Day to you! 

4. World Pneumonia Day is a reminder to each one of us that we must not neglect our lungs for a happier and healthier life. That’s why it is very important to always take care of our lungs. Warm wishes on this day to everyone! 

5. On this special occasion, don’t forget to take the vaccination and keep your health and life safe from the threats of pneumonia. Wishing a very Happy World Pneumonia Day to you! 

6. On this World Pneumonia Day, protect your lungs from the fatal disease called pneumonia and take the necessary precautions now to safeguard yourself and your family for a safe future. Happy World Pneumonia Day! 

7. World is gonna be a much better place without the inclusion of pneumonia in it. Eradication of Pneumonia is possible and we all can do it through cooperation from everyone. Best wishes on World Pneumonia Day to all! 


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World Pneumonia Day 2022 Quotes: 

1. Just by taking small precautions against pneumonia, we can save many lives of our world. Let us all contribute towards spreading this very important message.  Warm wishes on World Pneumonia Day! 

2. World Pneumonia Day is to highlight the importance and aim at making the lives better but you can make an effort to prevent the disease and deaths every day. Let us forward this message to everyone! 

3. You won’t realise the importance of air which you are able to breathe, ask the patients suffering from pneumonia how they feel and then you will be able to value it even more. Happy World Pneumonia Day! 

4. By preventing diseases like pneumonia, we are giving men, women and children the chance to live healthy productive lives and participate in the global economy. Wishing everyone a happy World Pneumonia Day! 

5. Prevention of a disease is more important than the cure. Get vaccinated and avoid these issues. Take care, stay healthy and be safe on this World Pneumonia Day! 

6. On this occasion of World Pneumonia Day we must all remember that we can win this fight against pneumonia. Stand together and fight. Have a happy and healthy World Pneumonia Day! 

7. Spread awareness about the issues related to lungs and aim to protect your life on this day ny taking your health more seriously from now on! Wish you a very happy, safe and healthy World Pneumonia Day! 

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