National Sundae Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Sundae is a popular ice cream dessert of American origin and you bet that Americans love it as they celebrate it annually in the form of National Sundae Day which falls annually on November 11th. 

In the world of desserts, there exists a delightful marriage that happens when a sundae is put together. It is a blending of all of those favorite things in one delightful place, where they might make the transit from bowl to mouth in a single, well-laden spoonful.

National Sundae Day celebrates and this incredible treat as well as its uncertain and somewhat contested past. This day also encourages people towards trying tasting this delicate dessert. 

Event National Sundae Day
Date November 11, 2022
Day Friday
Significance The day celebrates and honors the popular Sundae
Observed by United States


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National Sundae Day History: 

Among the many stories about the invention of the sundae, a frequent theme is that the ice cream sundae was a variation of the popular ice cream soda. Various localities have claimed to be the birthplace of the ice cream sundae, including Plainfield, Illinois; New Orleans, Louisiana; Cleveland, Ohio and New York City. According to What’s Cooking America, the biggest rivalry (referred to as the “Sundae War”) to claim the invention of the ice cream sundae is between Two Rivers, Wisconsin and Ithaca, New York. 

Two Rivers’ claim is based on the story of George Hallauer asking Edward C. Berners, the owner of Berners’ Soda Fountain, to drizzle chocolate syrup over ice cream in 1881. Berners eventually did and wound up selling the treat for a nickel, originally only on Sundays, but later every day. According to this story, the spelling changed when a glass salesman ordered canoe-shaped dishes. When Berners died in 1939, the Chicago Tribune headlined his obituary “Man Who Made First Ice Cream Sundae Is Dead”.  Residents of Two Rivers have contested the claims of other cities to the right to claim the title “birthplace of the ice cream sundae”.


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On the other hand the Ithaca claims another story which states that John M. Scott, a minister, and Chester Platt, co-owner of a pharmacy, created the first sundae on April 3, 1892 (a Sunday), in Ithaca, New York,  Platt covered dishes of ice cream with cherry syrup and candied cherries. The men named the dish “Cherry Sunday.” Historians found a newspaper ad for a “Cherry Sunday” placed in the Ithaca Daily Journal three days later. By May 1892, the Platt & Colt soda fountain also served “Strawberry Sundays,” and later, “Chocolate Sundays”. 

Besides these two there are several other claims by other places of the country as well in regards to be the birthplace of sundae. Like that of Plainfield in Illinois which States that a druggist named Mr. Sonntag created the dish in 1890 after customers requested something different. He named it the “sonntag” after himself, and since Sonntag means Sunday in German, the name was translated to Sunday, and later was spelled sundae. There are many other locations as well however their claims are not that solid to be believed by many.  


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National Sundae Day Significance: 

A sundae is an ice cream dessert of American origin that typically consists of one or more scoops of ice cream topped with sauce or syrup and in some cases other toppings such as: sprinkles, whipped cream, marshmallows, peanuts, maraschino cherries, or other fruits (e.g. bananas and pineapple in a banana split). The original sundae consists of vanilla ice cream topped with a flavored sauce or syrup, whipped cream, and a maraschino cherry. Classic sundaes are typically named after flavored syrup employed in the recipe: cherry sundae, chocolate sundae, strawberry sundae, raspberry sundae, etc. The classic sundae is traditionally served in a tulip-shaped, footed glass vase. 

Today, there are many popular varieties of sundae available which are all very tasty and different from each other. Like banana split, this dessert consists of two halves of a banana, sliced lengthwise. The classic banana split consists of strawberry ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream topped with crushed pineapple, and vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry syrup. Parfait is sundae served in a tall glass filled with layers of ice cream or yogurt, gelatine, and flavorings such as syrups, whipped cream, granola, fresh fruit, and/or liqueurs. Fruit sundaes are very popular too along with many other different and delicious varieties of sundae as well. 


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One of the reason why sundae is so popular is because of its convenience and easy to preparedness. For sundaes, it’s the building and layering, not the cooking, that counts. These sweet treats require minimal effort with delectable reward: you just need your favorite ice cream, your favorite toppings, a bowl, and an ice cream scooper. When it comes to mixing and matching toppings for these ice cream concoctions, the sky’s the limit. Try crumbled cookies, candy bar chunks, nuts, granola, and shredded coconut and you will find out that all of these can completely fit greatly to make this delicacy even more delicious and exciting to try. 

For all the dessert lovers our there sundae is one of the most delicious and unique way of celebrating sweetness which definitely deserves a celebrations of its own and so we have this holiday celebrating our delicious sundaes. Today, sundaes are one of the most popular dessert ice creams in the history and also has a lot of backstory and drama behind its origin as well which makes this delicious dessert even more fascinating among the people. This day encourages people to try out this tasty treat of they haven’t already as you are not gonna regret it and those who already loves this treat it gives them an opportunity to eat how much they want without any worry atleast for this day. 


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National Sundae Day Celebrations: 

Go out and get a delicious sundae with a favorite combination of ingredients! Of course, if for those who want to be a traditionalist, it’s an easy choice to go with a chocolate-drizzled sundae. I mean this is the best way to officially mark the celebrations of this day by having a treat of this delicious dessert by yourself and making your day special filled with sweetness! 

It is time for you to do something different to make this even more memorable and exciting for you and you can do it by having a unique and different flavor of sundae which you haven’t tried before. I mean we usually do for our basic taste but use this opportunity to try some if the different varieties of sundae which you are yet to try. Who knows by doing this you might discover your new favorite sundae as well. So definitely try different flavors of sundae on this day. 

If you like challenges then you can try making a sundae by yourself as well. As making homemade hot fudge sauce is so simple, so good, and so chocolatey that you will never want to go back to the store-bought squirt-out-of-the-bottle kind again. Search online for a recip,  most of them use fairly simple ingredients like heavy cream, cocoa powder, vanilla, chocolate, brown sugar, and corn syrup. Store it in your fridge and you can drizzle this chocolate concoction for months on end.

Most Searched FAQs on National Sundae Day: 

1. When is National Sundae Day celebrated? 

National Sundae Day is annually celebrated on November 11th in US. 

2. Is ice cream the same as sundae? 

Ice cream is incredibly versatile in flavor, and ice cream flavors can include anything from caramel to strawberry to pistachio to chocolate. Adding toppings like chocolate sauce or nuts to vanilla ice cream, creates an ice cream dessert variation called a sundae.

3. Why is sundae called a sundae? 

According to one claim, a pharmacist named Charles Sonntag created the treat, naming it the “sonntag” after himself. Sonntag means Sunday in German, and so the name was translated to Sunday, and later spelled as “sundae”. 

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