International Men’s Day 2022: History, Significance, Celebrations and Theme

International Men’s Day is annually celebrated on 19th November worldwide. This is a day to recognize and celebrate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of men in our world. 

This day focuses on men’s health, improving gender relations, highlighting male role models, and promoting positive expressions of masculinity. It is an occasion to celebrate boys’ and men’s lives, achievements and contributions, in particular for their contributions to nation, union, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare. 

The broader and ultimate aim of the event is to promote basic awareness towards men’s issues across the world as it is mostly seen that they are being neglected.  

Event International Men’s Day
Date November 19, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day honors and celebrates men all over the world
Observed by World wide


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International Men’s Day History: 

From the start of the human civilization only there has been a general perspective in our society on how a men should be and what are his responsibilities are! As from the start only boys were raised like this and no matter how much modern our society has become this mentality or societal pressure still lives on among the make population and although there is nothing wrong in it as having a sense of responsibility for things is always a good thing but it should never become a burden and because of this only it is seen that suicide levels are much more prevalent in men when compared to women which can be caused my many problems which men face. So this day was created to show the world about men’s problems and issues as well which was mostly ignored in the past. 

Calls for an International Men’s Day have been noted since at least the 1960s, when many men were reported to “have been agitating privately to make 23 February International Men’s Day, the equivalent of 8 March, which is International Women’s Day”. Later many political thinkers and male rights activists started demanding for a day dedicated to men as well as they thought by not celebrating it, it is being discriminatory towards the men. Questions about the inequality of observing women’s day without a corresponding men’s day occurred in media publications from the 1960s through to the 1990s, at which time the first attempts at inaugurating International Men’s Day are recorded.  

Inaugurated on 7 February 1992 by Thomas Oaster, the project of International Men’s Day was conceived one year earlier on 8 February 1991. The project was re-initialised in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. The longest running celebration of International Men’s Day is Malta, where events have occurred since 7 February 1994. Now as Malta was the only country that observed the February date of celebrating Men and their contribution to the society, the Maltese AMR Committee voted in 2009 to shift the date for IMD to 19 November. 

Jerome Teelucksingh, who revived the event, chose November 19 to honour his father’s birthday and also to celebrate how on that date in 1989 Trinidad and Tobago’s football team had united the country with their endeavours to qualify for the World Cup. Teelucksingh has promoted International Men’s Day as not just a gendered day but a day where all issues affecting men and boys can be addressed. He has said of IMD and its grass roots activists, “They are striving for gender equality and patiently attempt to remove the negative images and the stigma associated with men in our society”. 


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International Men’s Day Significance: 

The common line that “every day is International Men’s Day” may bear some truth, but the fact is, that not all men are celebrated to the same degree. International Men’s Day reminds us that there are lots of different kinds of men in the world, and they all deserve a voice. Men face a lot of pressure in society which are often ignored for example, they’re expected to be providers, and to refrain from asking for help or sharing their feelings. International Men’s Day is all about addressing these problems and redefining masculinity in our world for the better and happy future of the male population of our world. 

Some people ask why is it important to celebrate International Men’s Day? The answer to this simple question is that we live in a world where every individual has the right to have their issues addressed. International Men’s Day is a reminder of the various health problems that men face every day and focuses especially on the increasing suicide rate among men. The day encourages men to open up and talk about their mental health with others where it is very rare that men come out to talk about it. This day is marked to remind those men to not hesitate and act before it is too late. A man should never be checked for his masculinity and it is very evident during these times. Young boys need to be guided by adults not to shy away from what they feel and what they want in life. International Men’s Day is a step towards making all of this a reality.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of forty-five. This is the case in many countries worldwide, including the USA and all the other countries. In term of statistics it seems that more women are diagnosed with depression more often than men but that men are more likely to commit suicide. There are many reasons for it like gender, cultural conditioning, and adequate role-models are contributing factors. As many women as men may contemplate ending their own lives, but men are more likely to go through with it, and often in violent ways. This says something about the psychology, attitudes, and mental well-being of men in our communities.

From a young age, boys are raised in a particular way dirge than girls, boys will be boys, they are told, and boys don’t cry. With variation, it is a sensibility found in many cultures around the globe. As they grow up men are encouraged to present a strong, unaffected image, that often masks the deep need to communicate what is going on for them emotionally. It is not to say that women have an easier time than men when it comes to mental health issues, but the data shows that our cultural perspectives and expectations of gender may contribute significantly to an increased suicide rate in men. 


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International Men’s Day Celebrations: 

The methods of commemorating International Men’s Day have included the giving and receiving of gifts, public seminars, forums, conferences, classroom activities at schools, Men’s Health events, fundraising events, radio and television programs, Parliamentary speeches, Government Observances, Church observances, prayer meetings, peaceful gatherings and marches, awards ceremonies, special retail promotions, music concerts and art displays. 

International Men’s Day is celebrated differently in many countries. For instance, in the UK, International Men’s Day addresses the issue of male suicide and conducts long discussions among the audiences. It is believed that men are 3 times more prone to commit suicide as they are emotionally weaker than women so this issue is addressed widely on this day.  

Many exhibitions are also conducted where people share posters related to men’s health and much more. This day is much important to remove gender stereotypes from society. Many men also use this opportunity to take a break and relax for a moment! They also like to go for mental health sessions especially the ones who suffers from depression, anxiety, etc. In social media too often there is a huge hype about this day as an awareness campaign. 


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International Men’s Day Theme: 

There is also yearly theme which is chosen for the day. Many countries also organize their own sub-theme for the day as well. However, the general theme for International Men’s Day 2022 is “Men Leading by Example”. 

This theme highlights the positive role that men plays in our world in bringing our communities forward. This day also encourages men to always lead a life with positive attitude by always taking care of their mental health and not letting anxiety to develop in their life. 

International Men’s Day encourages men to teach the boys in their lives the values, character and responsibilities of being a man. Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must become the change we seek.” It is only when we all, both men and women, lead by example that we will create a fair and safe society that allows everyone the opportunity to prosper. Another theme for 2022 is “Helping Men and Boys”.  

Most Searched FAQs on International Men’s Day: 

1. When is International Men’s Day celebrated? 

International Men’s Day is annually celebrated on 19th November. 

2. What does International Men’s Day mean? 

The purpose of International Men’s Day is to raise awareness to men’s mental and physical health, promote positive masculinity, and support ethical male role models. 

3. What is the theme of International Men’s Day 2022? 

The theme of International Men’s Day 2022 is “Men Leading by Example”. 

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