Go For A Ride Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

Go For A Ride Day is annually celebrated on November 22nd in the United States. As the name suggests this day encourages people to go for a ride for the day. 

In today’s world we have become too busy with our work and lives that sometimes we just forget that there is a whole world out there! So use this opportunity to get out for a ride in any means of transportation which you likes!  

With all of the cell phones and emails constantly intruding on our lives, we can all agree that everyone needs some time to just get away from it all and feel free every now and then. And what better way to do that then to just go for a ride! 

Event Go For A Ride Day
Date November 22, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance The day encourages people to go for a ride for the day.
Observed by United States


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Go For A Ride Day History: 

The history of transportation begins from the human era and continued to change over a period of time. The first means of transportation was the human foot. People used to walk large distances to reach places. The first improvement made to this kind of transportation was adapting to different surfaces. For example, people living in areas with snow and ice wore spike-like attachments so that they didn’t slip on the ground. People knew that trees and logs float on water and so they dug out the middle portion of logs to form a kind of seating. This helped people use water bodies as a means of transport. 

Transportation history took a drastic change with the introduction of wheels. Because of the discovery of the wheel and axle other smaller devices like wheelbarrows came into use. Existing means of transportation were continuously improved thereafter. From here, the progress related to transportation started gaining large momentum. Submarines came into existence around 1620 and in the 1660s properly functioning modes of public transportation were available. Carriages, steamboats, cycles and even hot air balloons became functioning vehicles which were used on a large scale. 


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The date of November 22nd was chosen as the date for the celebrations of this day because of its historical importance. As November 22nd has seen various developments of the transportation industry since as early as 1904, making Go For a Ride Day a celebration of not only cars, but any mode of transportation that strikes your fancy. In 1904, a man named Mathias Pfatischer living in Philadephia, was the first American to patent the pioneer direct electricity and and interpole motor. 

In 1927, another American inventor named Carl J. Eliason from Saynor, Wisconsin, acquired the patent for the snowmobile, which definitely drastically changed the lives of many of the inhabitants of Wisconsin for the better. In 1977, the the regular mass service had their trial run on the famed supersonic Concorde. As you can see, November 22nd has been an important day for various areas of the transportation industry and that’s why this day must be celebrated for all of the accomplishments. 


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Go For A Ride Day Significance: 

As now you know that how important the date of 22nd is in the field of transportation so this day is used to remember all of these accomplishments which took place on this day and tribute is offered to all the people who have contributed in evolution of the means of transport on this day. It is a nice opportunity for all of the transport enthusiasts to celebrate these achievements by looking back in time. Hence this day is also educative. 

The primary goal of this day is to encourage people to get out and take a ride with their preferred means of transportation. As this day believes that in the today’s world of technology people have started to stay for more time in their homes and have reduced going out often. More working hours is also one of the reason for that. Overall lifestyle all across the have changed and is continuously changing but we shouldn’t forget that going out for a ride is also a very essential part of our life and this is the message this day tries to give. 


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There are many advantages on going for a ride. Like first of all you get to explore new places and at the sane time you get to experience and admire the beautiful world surrounding you which we often forget while working busy. Riding is also a very good exercise but how beneficial it is depends on the medium of transportation like if you ride bikes or cycles it will be much healthy than car or truck. Riding is alsovery fun and entertaining activity which makes us feel good so why not take a ride then! 

Every now and then we just need something to break up the status quo and make us feel alive! Go For A Ride Day exists for that very reason. It can be hard to get motivated enough in our life to see new places and visit these places, but Go For A Ride Day provides the opportunity to just go out without thinking too much. Our lives tend to run to the predictable, and for the most part, that predictability helps the world keep running. But we all still have a small streak of rebellion, and that’s what Go For a Ride Day helps bring out. 


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Go For A Ride Day Activities: 

The greatest thing about Go for a Ride Day is that there is no one, right way to celebrate it. At the end of the day, what’s being celebrated is the freedom that the development of transportation has afforded us, you could spend this day traveling somewhere into the unknown by boat, plane, helicopter, car, motorcycle, rollerskates, skateboard, or even more old-fashioned modes of transport, like by horse, sleigh, or horse-drawn carriage.  

You can also make this day more fun and exciting for you by daring yourself to try something new and adventurous. Why not try a mode of transportation which you have never used before it will be very fun and challenging. Suggestions include jet skiing, parasailing, or going on a hot air balloon ride. Make sure to something extraordinary for this day to make it more memorable for your life.  

If you want to avoid risk and play it easy then you can use this day as an opportunity to play as a tourist in your own city or neighborhood. Use public transit and see the sights like visitor. Exploring is an adventure, but it can be even more fun if you have someone to share it with. So also try to bring along an adventurous friend or family member to help make some memories for the day. 

Most Searched FAQs on Go For A Ride Day: 

1. When is Go For A Ride Day celebrated? 

Go For A Ride Day is annually celebrated on November 22nd in US. 

2. What does Go For A Ride Day celebrate? 

Go For A Ride Day encourages us to get out in the world for a ride, as opposed to seeing it on a screen. Any mode of transportation will do on this day. 

3. Is it go on a ride or go for a ride? 

Go on a ride suggests having a thrilling experience at a theme park. Go for a ride suggests an excursion on a bicycle, a motor cycle or a horse. You would normally use the present tense, I go, if you followed it with a time expression such as ‘I go for a ride every Thursday.’ 

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