Constitution Day of India 2022: Top 10 Quotes By Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar

India celebrates Constitution Day on November 26th each year to commemorate the official adoption of the Indian constitution in 1949. The day also officially celebrates the rights and freedom of every citizen of India, and it also encourages the population to be aware of the importance of law and order.

The day primarily honors Dr. BR Ambedkar for his significant role and contribution to India’s constitution, which is why he is also known as the “Father of the Indian Constitution.”

The day was officially established on November 19, 2015, when the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment notified the Government of India’s decision to celebrate the 26th of November every year as ‘Constitution Day,’ with the main goal of promoting constitutional values among Indians. Learn more about the day’s significance, celebration, theme, and history by clicking here. 

Event Constitution Day of India
Date November 26, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day commemorates the official adoption of the Indian constitution in 1949
Observed by India

Top 10 Quotes By Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar 

Here are the list of top Quotes and thoughts from Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar.  
1. “I admire religions that promote liberty, equality, and fraternity.”
2. “Law and order are the medicine of the political body, and when the political body becomes ill, medicine must be administered.”
3. “Whatever freedom the law grants you is useless to you until you achieve social liberty.” 
4. “I will be the first to set the constitution ablaze if I discover it being abused.” 
5. “The Constitution is not merely a document for lawyers; it is a vehicle for Life, and the spirit of the Constitution is always the spirit of Age.” 
Here are some of the best quotes of Dr Ambedkar on life and man 
6. “Indifferentism is the worst disease a person can have.” 
7. “Be educated, be organised, and be agitated.” 
8. “They cannot make history who forget history.” 
9. “Mankind is mortal. Ideas are also. Similar to how a plant needs water, an idea needs to be spread. If not, both will deteriorate and pass away” 
10. “If you believe in leading a moral life, you believe that the best help is self-help.”
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