Christmas Day 2022: Fast Food Deals for Free Food

It's the season of giving, so here are the best deals and offers from your favorite fast food restaurant chain to brighten your Christmas celebration.

It’s mistletoe time, because it’s Christmas on December 25th. Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, allowing us to relive special moments with family and friends while opening unexpected gifts, provided you are not on Santa’s naughty list. We celebrate Christmas in a variety of ways and continue the ritual and tradition, with the most cherished aspect of the holiday being the delicious feast.

Whether you prepare the Christmas feast at home or order it from a restaurant, it will always be delicious and full of the joy of the season. To that end, we have gathered some of the best deals and offers of the day to assist you in making your Christmas even more cheerful and stomach full, so read the post until the end to avoid missing any exclusive deal of the day.

Starbucks – Get $5 PayPal Credit When You Spend $10

Image By: Paypal, Starbucks

Let’s start the Christmas celebration with something refreshing and great, and thus here is the deal from your favorite coffeehouse chain Starbucks, all you need to do to claim the above offers is to make a minimum purchase of $10 at Starbucks, and you will receive $5 in the form of 500 Paypal points, which you can later redeem for $5 cashback or many more rewards. Learn more about the offer by clicking here.

Popeyes Christmas BOGO Deal

Image by: Popeyes

It’s the season of giving, and to celebrate with the most joy and positivity, the popular fast food restaurant chain Popeyes, known for their crispy chicken, has launched their Buy Any Chicken Sandwich Combo, Get A Chicken Sandwich for FREE promotion, giving you the free chicken sandwich on the purchase of one combo meal.

Also don’t forget to take advantage of $6 Big Box meal from Popeyes which gives you the ultimate taste and includes 2Pc Signature Chicken, 2 Regular Sides and 1 Biscuit all for just $6. know more about the offer by clicking here.

McDonald’s – Winter Holiday Deals 

Image By: McDonald’s

McDonald’s, one of the most popular restaurant chain, is celebrating the winter season with a variety of deals that will help you save a significant amount of money.

The first offer from McDonald’s will assist you in providing free food for life; yes, the most fortunate customer will win a McGold Card this winter season, where the McGold card holder will receive two meals per week for the next 50 years. Every purchase you make at McDonald’s will help you win the race.

Note: McDonald’s for Life Appstakes begins 12/5/22 and ends 12/25/22. 

Then there’s McDonald’s SZN of Sharing, which provides the best deals of all time every day! Where you can buy a Big Mac or Crispy Chicken Sandwich and get one free, as well as FREE 6-piece Chicken McNuggets with a $1 minimum purchase, and if that doesn’t satisfy your hunger, you can also get a $0.50 Double Cheeseburger. Look at the image above for more information.

Wendy’s – Free Frostys for an Entire Year 

Image by: Wendy’s

Yes, you read that correctly, the famous fast food restaurant chain is back with their free frostys for an entire year offer, where the fast food chain offers you a Frosty Key Tag at the end of every year and you can use it to claim a free junior Frosty every time you make a purchase for an entire year and somehow the key tag will only cost you $2, and thus you can claim thousands of free Frosty on your order through Wendy’s for an entire 2023. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of this special offer today so that you can support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption while also saving money.

Wienerschnitzel – Best Deal of the day 

Image by: Wienerschnitzel

Take advantage of this limited-time offer quickly because Wienerschnitzel is also providing their best deals to celebrate and mark the holiday season of December.

You can purchase 5 dogs corn or chilli dogs from Wienerschnitzel for just $7.95, but you must purchase multiples of 5 to qualify for the sale price.

Del Taco – Christmas Deals 2022 

Image By: Del Taco

If you’re craving tacos or Mexican food and want to try something new and different, this Del Taco deal is the ultimate way to satisfy your craving.

Del Taco, the popular fast food restaurant chain, has introduced a variety of deals and offers to commemorate the winter season.

The first deal gives you one free small sized combo meal with the purchase of a $30 Gift Card, while the second deal gives you four free small sized combo meals with the purchase of a $100 Gift Card.

You can also get two regular Tamales for $5, and Del Taco is running many deals this winter season.

Dickey’s Barbeque Pit – Kids Eat Free Deal 

Image By: Dickey’s Barbeque Pit

Celebrate Christmas by giving your children a free treat of Dickey’s Texas-style barbecue. Yes, you read that correctly, you can give your children a free treat this Christmas with a minimum $12 purchase at Dickey’s.

Please keep in mind that the offer is only valid if your child is 12 or younger, and you must enter the promo code KEFOLO during the online order checkout process.

Also Take $10 off  ANY everyday order of $55+ with code: HOLIDAY10

OR Save 20% on ANY Holiday Meal & Catering order of $150+ with code: CATERDEC20

Smashburger Christmas Deals

Image By: Smash Burger

Here are some of the best deals and offers from Smashburger this Winter Season, offering you up to 50% off.

Every Thursday from now until December 15th, you can save up to 33% on wings by visiting their website or placing an order through a local store and entering the promo code JAVONTE33 during the checkout process.

Also enter the promo code Holiday5 during the checkout process of your order and you will receive up to $5 off on all orders, every single day now through January 1st.

Smash Burger’s deals don’t stop there; every Wednesday, you can treat your kids to a free meal with the purchase of an adult meal.

Burger King Best Christmas Offers 

Image by: Burger King

Burger King is offering a number of deals to celebrate the Christmas season, which will satisfy your craving for crunchy and juicy burgers. The following are some of the best Burger King deals.

Deals of the day! 

1. BOGO Whopper 

2. 1$ Large Fries 

3. 1$ Onion Rings and more click the link below to see current deals. 

Friendly’s Free Sundae with Meal 

Image by: Friendly’s family restaurant

Friendly’s family restaurant is offering a great way to sweeten your Christmas celebration by giving you a free sundae with the purchase of any meal from Friendly’s Happy ending menu.

Hardee’s – Best Deals 

Image by: Hardee’s

This Christmas, the popular restaurant chain Hardee’s is offering a number of best deals and offers, including a 2 for $5 meal deal on various Breakfast Biscuits through February.

You can also make your own happy-inducing combo by choosing any four qualifying products for only $6. Click here to know more about the offer.

Krystal – Christmas Deal 

Image By: Krystal

Krystal is currently running a new promotion in which 10 Krystals are available for $9.99 until January 16, 2023.

Domino’s Pizza – $3 Carryout Tips Promotion

Image By: Dominos’

Domino’s $3 Carryout Tips Promotion are back giving you $3 off coupon when you order carryout for $5 or more. learn more about the promotion in detail over here.

Grubhub – Claim Free PUBG In-game vehicle wrap

Image by: Grubhub

It’s the season of giving, and to celebrate, the popular food-delivery app Grubhub is offering its best deal for both foodies and gamers.

When you use the promo code PUBGMOBILE during the checkout process of your order, you will receive a free PUBG mobile in-game vehicle wrap with a $12+ Wendy’s order.

Pie Five – Get Free Personal Pizza

Image by: Pie Five

Pie Five is offering a free personalize pizza with the purchase of a $25 gift card. To claim the order, use the promo code BEEHOT; for more information, visit this page.

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