United Nations Day 2022: HD Images, Wishes, Messages and Quotes

United Nations Day is observed annually on October 24th. The day commemorates the founding anniversary of the UN Charter of 1945, as well as the accomplishments and impact it has had in maintaining global peace. The UN Assembly commemorates the day by promoting global peace and observing 24 hours of cease-fire and non-violence, during which the global community is urged to come together and stand for peace and tranquillity for world order.

The United Nations was established and founded in 1945, following the demise of the League of Nations. The main goal of the global organisation was to prevent war from occurring, as the world had already seen massive destruction as a result of World War 2, so the main goal of the organisation was to maintain global peace and order and prevent war from occurring again. Learn about the United Nations Day in detail, including its history, significance, celebrations, and theme, by clicking here.

Event United Nations Day
Date October 24, 2022
Day Monday
Significance The day commemorates the founding anniversary of the UN Charter.
Observed by World wide

To commemorate and mark this momentous occasion, we have compiled a collection of HD images, wishes, messages, and quotes that you can use to raise awareness about the day while also participating in the global event’s celebrations. 


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United Nations Day 2022: HD Images 

1. Let us use the United Nations Day to raise our voices and encourage all nations to work toward world peace and order, as well as to promote and raise awareness about the day on social media platforms.
2. It is time to celebrate all that the United Nations has accomplished and its impact on world peace; let us come together to celebrate the founding anniversary of the UN Charter and honour it for its significant role.
3. The occurrence of United Nations Day serves as a reminder that we have an organisation that aids in the prevention of world wars and works tirelessly to keep the peace throughout the world – Happy United Nations Day. 
4. It is only the United Nations that is assisting in the maintenance of global peace and order; otherwise, man’s ego for more could have destroyed the entire world, and if it did not exist, there would be nothing but ashes of destruction.
5. The world has already witnessed the devastation and bloodshed that war brings; therefore, let us seize this opportunity to seek global peace and tranquillity – Happy United Nations Day.
6. Because world peace is necessary for the survival of the human race, let us use the occasion of the United Nations to raise our voices in support of global peace – Happy United Nations Day.


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United Nations Day 2022: Quotes 

1. Let’s celebrate the UN on this occasion to recognise its importance in advancing women’s rights, education, culture, tradition, and maintaining world peace.
2. Dignity, equality, and peace on a healthy planet.
3. Happy World Health Day! The UN is our only real chance for a free and peaceful planet. So let’s celebrate the United Nations’ founding anniversary and emphasise its importance to the global order by observing United Nations Day.
4. The United Nations system is the best system for protecting the world from war and bloodshed and for making it less brittle.
5. Let’s unite and celebrate the success of this organisation that stands for world peace and order because its presence is crucial and important in maintaining world peace and order while keeping men’s egos and desires for more aside. 


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6. Sincere congratulations on the occasion of the United Nations and thanks for all that it has done to improve education, advance women’s rights, and combat terrorism. The role and impact that the UN has had cannot ever be overlooked.
7. The occurrence of United Nations Day serves as a reminder that there are groups of world leaders working tirelessly to alleviate suffering and pain in this world.
8. The foundational idea of the United Nations—which is made up of nearly all of the world’s nations—is that every human being is valuable and deserving of respect.

United Nations Day 2022: Wishes and Messages 

1. Happy United Nations Day! Best wishes on this special occasion and in recognition of the UN’s contribution to maintaining world peace and environmental protection.
2. Best wishes on the occasion of the United Nations for all the work the organisation has done to fight terrorism, advance women’s rights, and give women the power of education.
3. Happy United Nations Day! The current global conflict is a reminder that more needs to be done to bring about world peace, so let’s all work together to put an end to it.
4. The United Nations is working to improve poverty, women’s rights, climate change, and peace; therefore, let’s honour and celebrate its anniversary for its significant role.
5. The UN’s existence has aided many people in defending their rights and enhancing the lives of those who are subjected to unfair treatment worldwide. Cheers to the United Nations!
6. I would like to extend my best wishes on the occasion of United Nations Day and add my voice in support of the organisation because of the significant change it has wrought in the world.
7. Let’s give thanks to the UN for supporting gender equality and working to give women more power. Cheers to the United Nations!
8. Happy United Nations Day! The UN sprang from the ruins of war and has been working to keep the world and its younger generations safe from further conflicts. We should be grateful that it exists to protect the earth.
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