National Checklist Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

If you are living in the modern world, making use of a checklist is a powerful habit to embrace. So, National Checklist Day is a great way to remind yourself how important these self-made reminders truly are.

I mean it is a human habit to make mistakes as it takes time for us to learn everything and that’s why nobody should be ashamed of it as it is a part of a human nature but it is very important to correct your mistakes and the best way you can do it is through checklist! 

So it is time to get on your checklist as we are celebrating the National Checklist Day which falls annually on 30th October in the United States. During which we celebrate the humble checklist as the innovative tool that has stood the test of time.

Event National Checklist Day
Date October 30, 2022
Day Sunday
Significance It’s a fantastic idea to remind yourself how crucial these homemade reminders are on National Checklist Day.
Observed by United States


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National Checklist Day History: 

This day commemorates a very important event which occurred on October 30th in 1935. As a deadly airplane crash happened on this day which would forever change the future of aviation. Boeing was set to revolutionize the US Military, and the entire airline industry, by introducing the brand new Model 299, also known as the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. This flying marvel of technology was in development for 5 years. It had 4 engines, a central bomb bay, and gunner stations throughout the fuselage. It was the most sophisticated airplane in aviation history.

Major Ployer P. Hill, U.S. Army Air Corps, Boeing and the U.S. Army Air Corps met at Wright Field, just northeast of Dayton, Ohio. The Model 299 was piloted by Major Ployer P. Hill, U.S. Army Air Corps, and co-piloted by Lieutenant Donald Leander Putt. Taking no chances, Beoing’s Chief Test Pilot Leslie R. Tower and Beoing mechanic C.W. Benton were also aboard the doomed plane. The aircraft sped down the runway and crashed into the field, as onlookers watched in horror. Two people were killed onboard, including the pilot, Major Ployer P. Hill. The co-pilot and two others onboard were pulled from the burning wreckage, thus saving their lives.


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An investigation found the airplane to be in perfect condition. No mechanical failure could be found that would have resulted in the deadly crash. Upon deeper investigation and eye witness reports, including the surviving co-pilot, it was determined that the flight crew had simply forgot to release the flight control gust locks. Thus causing the plane to crash dive into the ground, immediately after takeoff. It was further determined that the airplane was “too complex” for man to fly. Technology, and the sheer amount of tasks required to safely takeoff in a modern day airplane had surpassed the limitations of the human memory.

After the crash of the Model 299 on October 30, 1935, the Checklist was introduced by Boeing, as a permanent and mandatory tool, to be used by all pilots in the Boeing fleet. After the checklist was introduced, Boeing was able to eventually sell the Model 299 to the U.S. Army Air Corps, where it flew for years without incident. And soon checklists gets started to used around different fields for people to keep account of their mistakes and wasn’t just limited to the aviation industry and today checklists are everywhere. 


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National Checklist Day Significance: 

A checklist is a type of job aid used to reduce failure by compensating for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out a task. A basic example is the “to do list”. A more advanced checklist would be a schedule, which lays out tasks to be done according to time of day or other factors. A primary task in checklist is documentation of the task and auditing against the documentation. 

The design of a checklist should fit the purpose of the list. If a checklist is perceived as a top-down means to control behaviour by the organisational hierarchy it is more likely to be rejected and fail in its purpose. A checklist perceived as helping the operator to save time and reduce error is likely to be better accepted. This is more likely to happen when the user is involved in the development of the checklist. 

The role of checklist in our lives and daily work is also very important as it is mostly seen that often we as human doesn’t realize or accept our mistakes and always find a excuse for it, the problem with this type of attitude is that we don’t get a chance to improve by it and that’s why we keep repeating the same mistakes again and again and that’s why it is very important to learn from our mistakes and one of the best tool to help towards this cause is none other our dear checklists as by using it we can keep a record of our mistakes and so we can stay more focused in real life situations again if we already have a record and solution for it written in our checklists so yes checklist are very crucial however it’s importance depends on the type of work you do. 

However like everything there is some concerns regarding usage of checklists too. As excessive dependence of checklists may hinder performance when dealing with a time-critical situation, for example a medical emergency or an in-flight emergency. Checklists should not be used as a replacement for common sense. Intensive training including rote-learning of checklists can help integrate use of checklists with more adaptive and flexible problem solving techniques. So people should use checklist especially at the start of their work but shouldn’t get over-dependent on them. 


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National Checklist Day Activities: 

It is time for you to grab a pen or paper or smartphone or whatever where you can wrote down your checklist! Think of this checklist as a tool to get everything done. Start marking down all the things that need to happen for you to complete your objectives and write about those things which you want to improve in your life either at work or any other activities. So yeah making a checklist yourself then implementing it on your life slowly is the best way to mark this day. 

It is said that it is always best to share good things with others as well so make the use of this opportunity to make others aware about the importance of checklists in their lives as well. Most of us today have very busy lives and we often don’t have time to help each other so suggest this very interesting way by which your family and friends will be able to help themselves by realizing their mistakes and then correcting it. 

After completing all of your goals from your checklist raise your hands in triumph and celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Reward yourself for getting organized and completing everything on your checklist and this reward can be anything like partying with your friends or family or going for a trip somewhere but also don’t forget about checklists after these as again if you need to accomplish any task or learn new things then you need to return to checklists. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Checklist Day: 

1. When is National Checklist Day celebrated? 

National Checklist Day is annually celebrated on October 30th in US. 

2. How do I make a daily checklist? 

Think about your daily routine and consider the order in which you do things and how long it takes to do them. Then, go check off each item as you accomplish it.

3. Why is checklist important? 

A checklist encourages you to keep all of your tasks, whether daily, weekly, monthly or yearly organized as a way to be successful in everything you do.

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