National Cat Day 2022: Significance, Images, Wishes, Messages and Quotes

The cutest day of the year has arrived, as we celebrate National Cat Day on October 29th. Cats are the second most domesticated pet animal after dogs, and they are also one of the most searched topics on Google. The main goal of the day is to encourage people to adopt cats, as there are still many cats around the world who need warm love and care. Let us learn more about the day and appreciate the beauty of the cat.

Event National Cat Day
Date October 29, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day celebrates and honors the Cats
Observed by United States


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National Cat Day 2022: Significance 

Colleen Paige, who has been a strong animal welfare advocate for many years, created and established National Cat Day. Colleen Paige’s main goal was to emphasize the importance of domesticating cats while also educating people about cats and the need to protect them from abuse. The first National Cat Day was celebrated in 2005, and since then, the occurrence of National Cat Day has become regular, and it is now celebrated with great pomp.
Throughout history, cats have been both loved and feared, as Ginger Cat Appreciation Day and National Black Cat Day are still celebrated to dispel the myths and superstitions surrounding them. However, National Cat Day is dedicated to all cats and honors all of them. Learn more about National Cat Day in brief, including its History, Significance, and Celebrations, by clicking here. 


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National Cat Day 2022: HD Images 

1. No matter what bread or color your cat is, the only thing that matters is unconditional love between you and your pet cat – happy National Cat Day!
2. The occurrence of National Cat Day serves as a reminder that there are still many cats out there in need of warm love and care, so join together and invite a new and adorable member of your family.
3. Let us use National Cat Day as an opportunity to take a break from the hectic pace of life and spend some memorable time with the love and care of our dearest cat.
4. On this National Cat Day, let’s celebrate cats’ beauty and important roles. Cats’ cuteness is the only medicine needed to relax and relieve stress and anxiety.
5. Let’s honor them for putting a smile on everyone’s face, embrace their beauty, and mark and celebrate National Cat Day with all of our hearts.
6. Cats and music are the only two things that can help us escape from our miserable lives.

National Cat Day 2022: Quotes 

1. “Ginger, black, or brown are just colors that cannot justify their love for you, so let us dispel all of these myths about cats and celebrate National Cat Day by spending some memorable time with them.”
2. “I used to love dogs until I discovered cats – Happy National Cat Day!”
3. “Let us celebrate National Cat Day by honoring and praising their cool and calm demeanor.”
4. “Throughout the lockdown, I was lonely and dismayed until I met the sweetest cat who cared and loved me unconditionally.”
5. “A great soul once said, ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the treatment of its animals.’ Thus, let us honor all of these cats and band together to save them from the abuses they are subjected to. Happy National Cat Day.”


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6. “The best way to participate in National Cat Day is to spread the word about it and spend some quality time with the adorable and cuddly cats – Happy National Cat Day!”
7. “How we treat our cats today will determine our standing in heaven.”
8. “Cats like authors because they are quiet, lovable, and wise creatures, and authors like cats for the same reasons.” 

National Cat Day 2022: Wishes and Messages 

1. Best and warm wishes to everyone out there who owns or loves cats; today is the day to unwind and spend some memorable time with them – Happy National Cat Day.
2. Cats are caring, loving, and completely honest, which are all qualities needed in a best friend – Happy National Cat Day!
3. Let us use the occasion of National Cat Day to honor their beauty and thank them for always showing the same care and support at all times – best wishes on National Cat Day.
4. Humans sometimes fail to provide love and support, but cats never fails – and this is their true beauty – Happy National Cat Day.
5. Her grace, love, support, and care are unparalleled, and her loyalty and charm can win any heart in the world. Happy Cat Day to all cat lovers out there!
6. Warm greetings on National Cat Day, and remember that if you own or admire a cat, every day is a Caturday for you.
7. Cats never ask for expensive or special gifts; all they want is a little love and pampering from us, as well as some time to create memorable and wonderful memories – best wishes and a happy National Cat Day.
8. Nothing can ever compare to the unconditional love that a cat can give you, so this National Cat Day, bring happiness to your home with a cute and adorable cat – Happy National Cat Day. 

National Cat Day 2022: FAQ 

1. When is National Cat Day observed each year?
On October 29th, we commemorate and celebrate National Cat Day in the United States.
2. What is the theme of International Cat Day 2022?
The theme for International Cat Day in 2022 is “Cat-friendly resources.”
3. When is National Black Cat Day observed each year?
The National Black Cat Day is celebrated on October 27th in the United States in order to dispel the myth that surrounds them. 
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