Lakshmi Puja 2022: HD Images, Wishes, Messages and Quotes

The festival is dedicated to the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, and is worshipped to bring happiness and wealth on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Because the festival is marked and celebrated alongside Diwali, the festival is annually observed on the 15th day of the Kartik month of the Hindu Calendar; however, according to the English Calendar, the festival will be celebrated on the 24th of October this year.

Lakshmi Puja should not be confused with other festivals such as Vara Lakshmi Vratam and Kojagari Lakshmi Puja, as both are dedicated to the worship of Goddess Lakshmi but are celebrated for different reasons and on different dates.

Event Lakshmi Puja
Date October 24, 2022
Day Monday
Significance The auspicious occasion mark the victory of good over the evil
Observed by India


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To make this Lakshmi Puja even more memorable and auspicious, we have compiled a list of HD images, wishes, messages, and quotes that you can use to wish your loved ones a happy Lakshmi Puja.

Lakshmi Puja 2022: HD Images 

1. Let us mark and celebrate this auspicious festival by devoting an entire day to the worship of Maa Lakshmi and praying for her ultimate blessings to gain prosperity and wealth – sending warm wishes on the auspicious occasion of Diwali and a happy prosperous Lakshmi Puja.
2. The festival of caring and sharing has arrived; therefore, celebrate it with the love and support of your family, while making memorable memories with them and indulging in this joyous occasion of Lakshmi Puja – happy Lakshmi Puja.
3. On the occasion of Lakshmi Puja, may the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber be upon you and your family, and may this festival bring you the ultimate joy and happiness.
4. Light the earthen lamp and celebrate this auspicious festival by putting an end to the pain and suffering of darkness with an auspicious blaze of light, and please accept my warm and auspicious wishes for you and your family.
5. The festival of lights has arrived, so enjoy the auspicious occasion and pray for the blessing of the Almighty to grant you all the opulence, prosperity, and good health – best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Lakshmi Puja and a happy Diwali.
6. Now that the time has come to worship God, devote your entire day to celebrating this auspicious festival and worshipping Goddess Lakshmi – Best wishes for Diwali and a positive Lakshmi Puja. 


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Lakshmi Puja 2022: Quotes 

1. May the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi always be with you and give you the strength to fight back and overcome all obstacles in your life; my best wishes are always with you – Happy Lakshmi Puja.
2. Pray for Lakshmi’s blessing and the well-being of the world this Diwali; we have already seen many problems during the difficult time of the Pandemic, so mark and celebrate this festival by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi. – Happy Lakshmi Puja!
3. It is time to partake in the Diwali mega-festival and celebrate the festival with joy and happiness, while spending some memorable time with family and friends, sampling all the delicious sweets and dressing up in your favourite attire. 
4. May the positive energy of this auspicious festival fill your life with happiness and joy, and bring you prosperity and opulence from all over the world – Happy Lakshmi Puja.
5. May the goddess Lakshmi Ashirvaad be with you always, and may your life be filled with wealth and happiness – best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Lakshmi Puja.


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6. Best wishes for Diwali and worship Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and happiness – best wishes for Lakshmi Puja and a prosperous Diwali.
7. May the beauty of Diwali fill your home with joy, and may this festival grant all of your wishes – best wishes on the auspicious occasion of Lakshmi Puja. 

Lakshmi Puja 2022: Wishes and Messages 

1. Warmest wishes for a blessed and fruitful Diwali to you and your family on the occasion of Lakshmi Puja – Happy Lakshmi Puja – Happy Diwali
2. May your Diwali celebration be filled with joy, festivity, and zeal. I wish you a joyous and prosperous Diwali, as well as best wishes for Lakshmi Puja.
3. My best wishes are always with you, may all of your dreams come true, and may the festival of light fill your life with all of the positivity – Happy Lakshmi Puja.
4. Let us make this light festival even more memorable by creating golden memories with the love and care of loved ones – best wishes on Lakshmi Puja.
5. May the blaze of Diya put an end to all the darkness, may the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi put an end to all the suffering, and may the Diwali festival fulfil all your dreams and desires – best wishes from my side.
6. May you find all joy and happiness with the festival of light, and may this festival remove all your troubles and bestow the blessing of wealth on you and your family – happy Lakshmi Puja.
7. I wish you a wise and amusing Diwali this year.

Lakshmi Puja 2022: FAQ 

1. What is the auspicious Time or Muhurat for Lakshmi Puja? 
This year the auspicious time for worshipping or Muhurat of Lakshmi Puja is starts from 6:55 pm and ends at 8:51 pm. 
2. What is the Lyrics of Shri Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra? 
Om Shri Mahalakshmyai Cha Vidmahe Vishnu Patnyai Cha Dhimahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat Om. 
3. What flower is Lakshmi sitting on?
The Goddess sits on an open Lotus, and hence it is considered as her favorite flower.
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