Kati Bihu 2022: HD Images, Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Kati Bihu, also known as Kongali Bihu, is an auspicious festival celebrated annually in the Indian Eastern state of Assam. The day marks and celebrates the relocation of the rice crop as well as the start of the new harvest season.

The Kati Bihu festival is celebrated with great pomp, with the locals marking the occasion by worshiping plants, particularly tulsi, and making and enjoying the day’s feast. The day celebrates the fresh harvest, and because the granaries are usually empty and there isn’t much to eat, this Bihu is also known as Kongali, which means “poor.” This is the primary reason why the festival is not celebrated with the same pomp and grandeur as the other two, Rongali Bihu in April and Bhogali Bihu in January.

Event Kati Bihu
Date October 18, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance The day marks the the beginning of the fresh harvest season.
Observed by India


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We’ve compiled a collection of HD images, wishes, messages, and quotes that you can use to spread awareness about the day while also greeting your loved ones and sending them the auspicious greeting of the festival celebrating the fresh harvest. 

Kati Bihu 2022: HD Images 

1. Let us mark and celebrate this auspicious festival, celebrating and honoring the fresh harvest, and hoping for a better future full of grains and happiness – Warm wishes on the occasion of Kati Bihu.
2. May the positivity of this auspicious festival fill your life with happiness and joy, and may God’s blessing be with you always – wishing you a very happy Kati Bihu,
3. The Festival of Kati Bihu has arrived, so bid farewell to all your suffering and pain, and celebrate the day with all your heart.
4. May God give you the ultimate strength to fight and overcome every obstacle in your life and fill it with happiness, prosperity, and good health.
5. The time has come to relocate the rice crop, which means it is time to celebrate the fresh harvest and wish for a happier and more prosperous future – Happy Kati Bihu!
6. Let us commemorate Kati Bihu by worshiping the plants and lighting the earthen lamps to bring an end to the darkness of sorrow and pain.


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Kati Bihu 2022: Quotes 

1. Best wishes on this auspicious occasion of Kati Bihu and best wishes for a prosperous future – Once again, have an auspicious and blessed Kati Bihu.
2. One of the best ways to mark and celebrate Kati Bihu is with the love of family, while hoping for the best and prosperous future.
3. It is time to put an end to all the suffering and pain, to celebrate the new harvest, to seek the god’s ultimate blessings, and to hope for a happy and prosperous future – Happy Kati Bihu.
4. I wish you a very happy Kati Bihu and hope that this festival brings you and your loved ones the ultimate happiness and eternal joy – a heartfelt wish from me.
5. Let us make this auspicious fresh harvest celebration even more auspicious by seeking the almighty’s blessing and hoping and praying for a brighter and happier future.
6. The Kati Bihu celebration is the time when we see an end to all the suffering and pain, and we celebrate and pray for a happier and more prosperous future filled with plenty of grains and free of hunger – Best wishes on Kati Bihu.
7. Let us take advantage of this auspicious festival by honoring the land and crops that keep us fed throughout the year, and express our gratitude to the farmers who use the ultimate gift of the almighty so wisely – Kati Bihu, best wishes.
8. May the upcoming harvest bring you ultimate happiness and prosperity, and may God’s blessing be with you always – Happy Kati Bihu. 

Kati Bihu 2022: Wishes and Messages 

1. Warmest wishes on the auspicious occasion of Kati Bihu. May the auspicious festival fill your life with all positivity and witness a brighter and healthier future.
2. Let us mark and celebrate this festival with great and joyful memories, and make this festive season memorable, and spend some precious time with the love of family and friends – best wishes on Kati Bihu.
3. Best wishes and greetings for this joyous occasion, praying for everyone’s well-being and hoping for a prosperous future for the farmers.
4. May the occasion of Kati Bihu shower you with opportunities, growth, and prosperity. Best wishes and a Happy Kati Bihu.
5. Let us all come together to celebrate and mark the festive season with love and joy, and let us commemorate this occurrence by celebrating the fresh harvest with all of our hearts and happiness.
6. On the occasion of Kati Bihu, please accept my sincere greetings and know that I am praying for you and your family and wishing you a happy Kati Bihu.
7. Wishing you a life full of opportunities for growth and prosperity on the occasion of Kati Bihu.
8. Let’s light the earthen lamp to mark this festival season with love and joy and to put an end to all the pain and suffering. Happy Kati Bihu.
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