Karnataka Rajyotsava Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Karnataka Rajyotsava Day which is also known as the Karnataka Formation Day is annually celebrated on 1st November in the Indian state of Karnataka. 

This day came into reality in 1956 when all the Kannada-speaking regions united to become one state. At first, it was known as the State of Mysore but later the name of it was changed to Karnataka in 1973. 

Karnataka is a large state of India which lies in the south-western region of India. This state has a large role in India’s overall growth and economy as it is the IT hub of the country with its capital Bengaluru city being known as the Silicon Valley of India accounting for 40% of the total country’s IT exports. 

Event Karnataka Rajyotsava Day
Date November 1, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance The day celebrates the Formation of Karnataka state
Observed by India


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Karnataka Rajyotsava Day History: 

Karnataka is a state which is known for its Kannada culture and history. Kannada people and language has a very long history which goes back to thousands of years in ancient India. There were many great Kannada empires throughout Indian history the most prominent one being the Hoysala Empire. The ancient city of Hampi which is a UNESCO world heritage site now, was the capital of the mighty Vijayanagara Empire and as a result was one of the most prosperous city in the world once. 

After the British colonization of India. Aluru Venkata Rao was the first person who dreamt of unifying the State as early as 1905 with the Karnataka Ekikarana movement as at that time the Kannada speaking regions were divided among the State of Mysore, Bombay Presidency, Madras Presidency amd also some parts of the principality of Hyderabad. But since at that time India was under colonial rule so not much progress happened on this matter. In 1950 when India became republic and different provinces were formed in the country on basis of language spoken in the particular region and this gave birth to the state of Mysore including various places in southern India, which were earlier ruled by the kings. 

As demands for creating a Kannada state increased by the Kannadigas then on 1st November 1956, Mysore state was formed, comprising most of the area of the erstwhile princely state of Mysore, was merged with the Kannada-speaking areas of the Bombay and Madras presidencies, as also of the principality of Hyderabad, to create a unified Kannada-speaking sub-national entity. North Karnataka, Malnad (Canara) and old Mysore were thus the three regions of the newly formed Mysore state. 

The newly unified state initially retained the name “Mysore”, which was that of the erstwhile princely state which formed the core of the new entity. But the people of North Karnataka did not favour the retention of the name Mysore, as it was closely associated with the erstwhile principality and the southern areas of the new state. In deference to this logic, the name of the state was changed to “Karnataka” on 1st November 1973.


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Karnataka Rajyotsava Day Significance: 

We all have heard of that India is a land of diversity where each state plays a very important role in keeping the nation forward and the contribution of Karnataka is very important too. Karnataka is the sixth largest state in the country and has a population of about 70 million people! As said earlier that Karnataka is the IT hub of the country with its capital Bengaluru being one of the largest cities of the nation which plays a very important role in IT and startup ecosystem of the country. Along with these technology innovations Karnataka has a significant role in other sectors too like in agriculture and industries. 

This day also gives an opportunity to all of the Kannadigas to feel proud of their culture and history. As Karnataka has a very long and rich history and culture which makes it unique from the rest of the states of the country. Kannada culture is filled with many festivals like Yugadi, dance styles like Yakshagana and obviously the famous Carnatic music! So this day gives an opportunity to all of the Kannadigas to proudly display their culture and heritage in celebrations of this day. 

When we are talking about celebrations of traditions then how can we forget about the delicious Karnataka cuisine! It is seen that most of the people outside of Karnataka or people of far away states mostly are not aware about the rich Karnataka cuisine and generally thinks it as the basic south Indian cuisine. But there are many incredible dishes which are native to Karnataka like Mysore Masala Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Ragi mudde, Mysore pak, etc. So this day also gives a chance for everyone to explore more into delicious Karnataka cuisine! 

Nature and wildlife in Karnataka is pretty amazing too! Literally you can say that Karnataka is a world in itself although it doesn’t have any deserts or snow capped mountains but it is filled with dense forests with immense flora and fauna, spectacular beaches on the coast, metropolitan areas like Bengaluru, and amazing Kannadiga architecture in places like Hampi. So truly it provides a nice opportunity for all the people to celebrate this beautiful state especially for Kannadigas who gets filled with proud and honor towards their state. 


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Karnataka Rajyotsava Day Celebrations: 

Since Karnataka Rajyotsava is a public holiday in the state of Karnataka so the  educational institutions and businesses remains closed on this day so that more and more people can take part in the celebrations of the day. Sometimes rallies and parades are also organized on this day. Many schools and colleges also host events for the celebrations of the day. 

Rajyotsava Day is celebrated with great joy and vigour all over the state of Karnataka. The entire state wears a festive look on this day as the red and yellow Kannada flags are hoisted at different strategic locations across the state and the Kannada anthem (“Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujate”) is chanted.  The flag is hoisted at political party offices and several localities even as youth in many areas take out processions on their vehicles.

The state government asserts Rajyotsava awards on this day, which are awarded to people responsible for great contributions in the development of Karnataka. The Chief Minister of the State inaugurates the cultural show which is normally held at Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore. Awards are presented to students who have won medals in various national games. 

The celebrations are marked by multicoloured tableaux carrying the picture of the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari mounted on a decorated vehicle. The colourful procession is also accompanied by performances of the folk artists in the fields of drama (Bayalata), traditional dance (Dollu Kunitha, Kamsale, Veeragase, Kolata) and classical carnatic music. 

Most Searched FAQs on Karnataka Rajyotsava Day:

1. When is Karnataka Rajyotsava Day celebrated? 

Karnataka Rajyotsava Day is annually celebrated on 1st November in Karnataka, India. 

2. Why is Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrated? 

Celebrated annually on November 1, the day marks the historical coming together of all South Indian Kannada speaking areas to create the state of Karnataka in 1956.

3. How many languages are spoken in Karnataka? 

Kannada is the official language of the Karnataka state but approximately 72 languages in total are spoken in this state.

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