International Bacon Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Bacon is a very popular form of pork meat and so much that it is considered a stable in many countries including US and many other countries. 

And to celebrate this delicious meal the world celebrates it in the form of International Bacon Day which annually falls on every first Saturday of September and thus this year it falls on 3rd September. 

Even though it is an international observance however unofficial, the dates may vary in some cultures, by celebrating it on February 19 and the first Saturday of January as well. 

Event International Bacon Day
Date September 3, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance Celebrates and honors the delicious Bacon
Observed by World wide


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International Bacon Day History: 

For the first time the salted pork served on the tables of the Chinese thousands of years ago. From there, the practice of curing pork spread throughout the Roman Empire and other European Kingdoms after fall of Romans. Bacon fat was also used by Anglo-Saxon peasants for cooking. 

The term ‘Bacon’ to refer this food item came from the Middle English with the French and German dialect elements into it. And not just specific bacon that we know today but this term was also used to refer all types of pork meat until the 16th century. 

The National Pork Board of US has labeled Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto as the ‘father of the American Pork Industry.’ As he was responsible for bringing 13 pigs with him to the New World in 1539 for the first time. And he started pig farming for pork and later we know that how this industry grew so large and still remains today. 

However the day for our lovely Bacons was founded by a Colarado-based group of students called CU Boulder in 2004. However as said earlier everyone has their own celebrations for it like in UK it is celebrated sometime around January 14th. In the US it is observed on this day only. 

International Bacon Day Significance: 

Bacon is also a term which is used to define various style of pork meats across the world. And that’s why you may find bacon different around the world. Like in US bacon is used to define the meat coming from the belly of a pig while the meat which comes from pig’s loins is called as Canadian bacon. 

Today bacons are mostly enjoyed in breakfast especially in B.L.T. sandwiches or simply on it’s own. As it is found out that 70% of all the bacons consumed in the US are consumed as breakfasts. Hence it is considered as a staple food in America as it has become a very important part of American lifestyle. 

And the reason behind its so much consumption on breakfasts is because it is considered as a side-dish and is eaten as a flavouring agent for the main dish or a light dish for a breakfast even though bacon has a lot of high saturated fat.

Because of its containing so much fat it is even criticized for being unhealthy in the past but despite all this it has seen no drop in its consumption as the delicious taste of bacons makes it impossible to resist. 


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International Bacon Day Celebrations: 

Bacon is one of the dishes which is very easy to consume on a barbecue and that’s why it is very popular on a barbecue and as a picnic food item. So take your family or friends for a barbecue or picnic with bacons to enjoy and celebrate this tasty dish. 

As said that bacon is easy to cook so instead of just ordering tey your hands at it and cook a bacon yourself and yes it will be very fun and little challenging. There are many varieties of bacons as well like Irish, Rashers, Slab, Lardons and many more so try out all these different bacons. 

Go to your social media and inform about this day to everyone you know and you can do it very easily by posting videos and photos about bacons on your social media in this way you can also increase your followers and at the same time you will be awaring people about this day. 

Most Searched FAQs on International Bacon Day: 

1. When is International Bacon Day is celebrated? 

International Bacon Day is annually celebrated on every first Saturday of September. 

2. What is the origin of bacon? 

The earliest origin of bacon can be found in Ancient China about thousands of years ago. 

3. When is National Bacon Lovers Day is celebrated? 

National Bacon Lovers Day is celebrated annually on 20th August. 

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