National Twins Day 2022: History, Significance and Facts

The National Twins Day is a day dedicated to all the twins of the country and it is celebrated to admire them. 

The United States celebrates it’s National Twins annually on every first weekend of August and this year it falls on 6th of August as it is a Saturday. 

The day aims to celebrate all the similarities, differences and above all give a chance to all the twins across the country to have a day for themselves. 

Event National Twins Day
Date August 6, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day honors and celebrates all Twins around the world
Observed by United States


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National Twins Day History: 

Twins have been around almost as same as all the humans have been around. And they have been celebrated, revered throughout the world as they were also deemed as miracle by many cultures of the world. However not everything was happy as they were even sometimes persecuted for their perceived witchery throughout times. 

But one thing for sure that is twins have captured the people’s attention from a long time and that’s why they were mentioned in many mythologies, stories, legends and takes across the world throughout different cultures. Zoroastrian traditions also believes in an evil twin called Angra Mainyu who always troubles the good twin Spenta Mainyu. Even in Bible also there is a mention of twin brothers Esau and Jacob for their legendary rivalry in the book of Genesis. 

In the start of our modern times also writers use twin characters extensively in their stories to make people more interested in reading their stories, one such example we see of the legendary Willaim Shakespeare himself when he wrote a novel called the “Twelfth Night” where it had twin characters with comedic storyline. 

And the fascination towards twins slowly declined by the 20th century as by this time twins already started to happening in large numbers but they still got a prominence through the portrayal of twins in various TV shows, Movies, Music Videos, etc. And it still continues today. 

Seeing how popular twins are today in 2019 another holiday for twins was created and it was named the ‘National Twin Day’ and now it is celebrated annually on 18th of December and it is very much inspired by the National Twin Day only. 

National Twins Day Significance: 

Today twins are more common than what it uses to be some centuries ago you yourself must have encountered several twins in your life. And that’s why we can dedicate atleast a day for them to celebrate it. 

Twins are mainly of two types identical and fraternal. Yeah not all twins are identical infact most twins are fraternal. By name you can guess that identical twins are those which looks the exact same while on the other hand fraternal twins are those who are just born at the same although they also might look similar as siblings but aren’t the exact same like identical twins. 

Under identical and fraternal twins also there are many sub-types of twins like mirror twins, conjoined twins, parasitic twins, etc. 


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And twin births are more common today than you would think as the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) reported in 2019 that 32.1 out of every 1,000 births in the United States were twins.

To acknowledge such facts by raising awareness regarding the twins to the common people is the primary motive behind the celebrations of this day. 

National Twins Day Facts: 

Now let’s take a look at some of the most astonishing facts about the twins: 

  1. Several research suggests that twins started interacting with each other as fetuses only in their mother’s womb by around the 14th week. 
  2. Sometimes twins can communicate with each other in a language which only they can understand and this condition is called ‘cryptophasia’. 
  3. Twins can sometimes be born on different days but the longest gap recorded so far is of 63 days. 
  4. The Yoruba people of Nigeria have one of the highest twin birth rate at 45-50 twins per 1000 births and believes the twin children as spirit children. 
  5. Twins are primarily of two types and they are identical twins and fraternal twins. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Twins Day: 

1. When is National Twins Day is celebrated? 

National Twins Day is celebrated annually on every first weekend of August in the US. 

2. When is National Twin Day is celebrated? 

Don’t confuse it with National Twins Day as it is another day dedicated to twins and it is observed annually on 18th December in the US. 

3. What does National Twins Day mean? 

National Twins Day is a special celebration for all the twins across USA. 

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