T-Series crossed over 200 Million subscriber dominating on YouTube

T-Series a Indian music lable crossed over 200 Million subscriber on 30th November 2021 with total views of 172.3 Billion (as per December 1st ) and now again dominating on YouTube for being most subscribed channel on YouTube.

T-Series already has 5 YouTube creater awards which is also known as Youtube play button, this are Silver, Gold, Diamond, Ruby and at last Red Diamond button which was rewarded by Youtube for crossing over 1 billion subscriber on YouTube.

Subscriber count on 1st December

There are totally three Indian youtube channel in the top ten list of most subscribed channel on Youtube, T-Series is donating and holding 1st position, SET India on 3rd position and Zee music company on 9th position.

List of Top ten Subscribed channel on YouTube

  1. T-Series – 200 million subscribers.
  2. Cocomelon – 123 million subscribers.
  3. SET India – 120 million subscribers.
  4. PewDiePie – 110 million subscribers.
  5. Kids Diana Show – 85 million subscribers.
  6. WWE – 83 million subscribers.
  7. Mr beast – 82 million subscribers.
  8. Like Nastya – 81 million subscribers.
  9. Zee music company – 79 million subscribers.
  10. Vlad and Niki – 75 million subscribers.
There are totally 15 Indian channel in the list of top 50 most subscribed channel. And also independent creator like Carry Minati with over 33 million subscribers is the Asian top Subscribed Independent YouTube channel.
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